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By ALKY Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory
#68895 Drum screen was in a bit of a state , Aqua source new Screen Cleaner used today ,great results drum screen looks like new ,well pleased another good product from aqua source that works ,well chuffed thank you aqua source. :obscene-drinkingcheers:
By davec Apple Crumble with Custard Apple Crumble with Custard
#69034 I’ve just ordered some of the aquasource drum screen cleaner and a spray bottle can anyone advise best way to do it am I best draining drum spraying screens leaving for half an hour and filling drum and rinsing using the manual clean or is there a better and easier way
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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin
#69037 Hi Dave,

I prefer to drain the drum section and then clean it in one. You can clean a section and then turn the drum manually if you prefer. I also wipe the drum after leaving the cleaner on with a damp cloth and then let the drum rinse clear the rest.