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By Abstract Sponge Cake Sponge Cake
#66823 Well first of all, apologies if this has been posted before ... Drums!

Some time has now passed since the introduction of the Rotary drum filter but which are proving to be the most reliable? Profi, Aqua, Draco, Synergy etc.

What faults are arising eg belts, motors, screens etc?

Cost ratio ... Are they value for money? ... Would you go back to a sieve , vortex or settlement chamber?

Thoughts and experiences please
By Miacat Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory
#66825 We have the OASE as it was one of only 2 available at the time and the only 1 that fit where we needed it to. it is 7 years old now the only issue we have had is that because we hose it out weekly the tabs that hold the screens in position tend to break. Its not perfect as the dirty side is prone to collecting debris in the corners and the waste chute is inside the screened area both of which IMHO need hosing out frequently. Very reliable nothing else has gone wrong (watch this space now I have said that.) if something does go wrong spares are readily available. Would we go back NO but it did replace a settlement chamber. Hope that helps. Jane
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By Airlite Bavarian Slice Bavarian Slice
#66830 Same here. Mine's the compact version with the reduced size drum and moving bed combined. The small footprint was my priority at the time and my local dealer did me a good deal. I agree with Miacat regarding the corners of the dirty side and the waste chute collecting debris, I'd also add that the screens are a bit fiddly to get in and out because of the placement of the waste chute. That said, reliability has been excellent so far (touch wood) with almost three years of trouble free running. As far as value for money is concerned, they're not cheap but I'd say it was certainly worth the cost in terms of time saved on filter and pond maintenance. I consider it the single best investment I've made in the pond so far, so would I go back to my previous set up? Not a chance!! M :handgestures-thumbup:
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By Kitsu koi Koi Dealer Koi Dealer
#66833 We have 6 different drums on site, each has it's little quirks, and price points.

We have the £995 AEM/Filtreau drum, and then the Oase, Synergy, Burtons, and AEM OA-65.

Out of all the drums I've bought and sold on the last 2 years, I've replaced one motor. That's a failure rate similar to a decent pond pump. I have had a pressure pump fail on my own systems, but that was a poor part in my opinion and no longer supplied by the particular drum manufacturer.
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By Airlite Bavarian Slice Bavarian Slice
Airlite wrote:..... That said, reliability has been excellent so far (touch wood) with almost three years of trouble free running.....:

I evidently wrote that 6 or 7 months too soon :sad:.

A couple of weeks ago I had an issue with the drum which kept tripping the electrics in the garage (where my filter setup is all housed). Initially I thought it was the drum motor as it only happened once the drum started to rotate but after a bit more investigation it turns out it's the high pressure water pump for the cleaning jets. Every time the pump should initiate it trips the RCD immediately so there's a short somewhere within it and, Jeez, they are eye wateringly expensinve to replace :shock: :mad:

Fortunately my local dealer has (again) done me a favour and is giving me a very generous discount on the replacement, but even with this it's the best part of £500 for a new one (over Eur700 if ordered direct from Oase) - crazy money really considering the original cost :violin: .

Just wondering if anyone else has had any similar issues and what they did about it? Cheers all and stay safe, M :handgestures-thumbup:
By big h Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory
#69454 Ive seen an Oase high pressure drum flushing pump for £115 somewhere,admittingly on offer. I wouldnt pay £500 .I would throw the drum back at them.There is expensive,and there is taking the urine.£500 is taking the latter
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By Airlite Bavarian Slice Bavarian Slice
CKBS wrote:..... The drums are not exactly cheap either

True and that's my point. It had a 2 year warranty but when you pay a premium price you'd sort of expect the components to last for years and not short out 20 months after the warranty expires.

As Chris said,
The submersible pump on the Oase is a bit specialist
and I've considered doing a DIY modification with a cheaper HP pump but unfortunately I don't have the necessary electronic skills to ensure it would work seamlessly with the drum controller etc so I'm stuck with no other option than to fork out for a new one.

Fortunately, with the pond temps still low (between 8 and 9C) the covers are still on and the fish aren't being fed (apart from an occasional orange to suck on and push around the pond - and what little waste they produce is more than taken care of by the anoxic baskets so the fish aren't suffering at the moment.

Big H - just seen your reply as I was about to post. If you could point me in the right direction for that offer I'd be delighted. Regarding the chucking the drum back at them - it crossed my mind but apart from this it's been faultless and the small footprint of the compact version is perfect for my set-up. I'm hoping that if I get this fixed then all will be smooth running for years to come - I realise that I am a naive fool.

Cheers, M
By big h Knickerbocker Glory Knickerbocker Glory
#69457 You arent a naive fool bud.You bought a quality bit of kit and paid good money not expecting to get spanked later down the line Try World of Water Oase Promax £115.I cant promise its suitable but people do use them on drums as replacements
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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin
#69460 Hi Mick,

This is the one we use on our Synergy drums. Quality and reliability and cheap to replace. We used to use the Chinese made ones, but found them unreliable.

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By Airlite Bavarian Slice Bavarian Slice
#69464 Thanks fella's, I'll have a look.
Chris, thanks. It's the electrics and integration with the Oase drum controller that I'll struggle with unless there's an adapter or some other simple method which will enable me to connect one to the other. I'll give you a call. Thanks again. M :handgestures-thumbup: