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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin
#69441 James at Park Farm Fisheries has asked me to let you all know that they are running a Grow and Show, but with a bit of a difference!

There are a variety of koi to choose from, all at £75. James will keep the koi until August in a heated pond, with live video, so that you can track your koi and watch as it grows!

Worth a punt methinks when you cannot get your fix of visiting a koi dealer.

Details can be found here or just give them a call if you are interested. :handgestures-thumbup:

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By Sopersonic74 Moderator Moderator
Gazboy wrote:I spoke to James yesterday and they are going into a heated 10000 gallon pond with a camera so for the money when you pick the fish up in August it’s going to be a good size especially Sonics Chag :laughing-rolling:

Oh yes, just had a look at the vid and mines huge in comparison :lol: result :handgestures-thumbup: :obscene-drinkingcheers:
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By Sopersonic74 Moderator Moderator
Airlite wrote:Has anyone heard from James at Park Farm as to when the live feed to the Grow-n-Show pond will be available and, if it is, is there a link? I couldn't find it on his website. Cheers, M

It was live yesterday at 3pm on the same link as the page for buying them :handgestures-thumbup:

If you go to it, beneath the video is a box where the camera will be when it’s connected. It’s not on at the moment so I guess they’re going to turn it on from time to time :handgestures-thumbup: :mrgreen:
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By Airlite Bavarian Slice Bavarian Slice
#69751 ^^ Sopers' and Gaz, Thanks fella's - I'll try to catch it next time it's up. Cheers, M :handgestures-thumbup:

Edit 14:50 - It's up and looks great doesn't it! What a beautiful pond for them - I've got two kahakus in there somewhere, really looking forward to see how they progress. Well done James :clap: :clap: :clap: :handgestures-thumbup: