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By LadoogKoi Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Cheesecake
#67889 Hi

Looking for advice please. Noticed what looked like a small lump on a koi’s side through the window so netted it to have a look. It looks like it’s lost a scale. Should I treat and if so what with?

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By Airlite Bavarian Slice Bavarian Slice
#67890 It's difficult to tell just from the photo (although it's a great photo of the problem - good work there). I've got a couple of goldfish in with my koi that have lumps and bumps on them in various places - they've had them for years and I've quit worrying about them now as these growths have had no apparent impact on their health. That said, this looks like something new with the pink discolouration possibly meaning a slight infection? I'm no expert so it's worth waiting to see if the other guys have any other suggestions but when I'm unsure I always consult Duncan Griffiths' book (Step by Step Advanced Koi Diagnosis & Treatments - it's worth making the investment in this book in my opinion). Looking in there, this could be a simple raised scale issue which would likely mean you'll have to remove the scale, clean it and then apply a topical treatment. Duncan suggests a choice of Tamadine, Provadine, Betadine or a 0.5% malachite green solution but his prefered treatment is Mercurochrome 2%. See what the other guys say though as the other thing may be to leave well alone and see if it heals by itself over the next week or so. Keep an eye on it either way. Cheers, M