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By bradcarr60 Banoffee Pie Banoffee Pie
#66683 l've been looking into putting a Draco drum into my Nexus 220 after Mark at Japan Koi import was showing me all of his and I'm very interested, but I have a few things I'm not sure about if you can help? Firstly as I have a trickle in and trickle out, i assume the water supply for the Drum wash will need to be dechlorinated too so would I need a 2nd dechlorinator or is there a way of using one dechlorinator for the trickle in and also the drum wash? I was thinking i could add a 2 way connector on my outside tap and have one for the trickle in and one for the drum wash, but then I'd probably need a 2nd dechlorinator? Also what flow rate can you put through them, my nexus is turning over 10,000lph (probably quite a lot less in reality) so I assume it will do this?