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Anything Koi related, have a gander in here.

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By bigcarpchaser Sponge Cake Sponge Cake Posts: 12 
I have around 300l K1 for sale (give or take the odd bit that's escaped)
It was only in my chamber for a week or so, I've taken a leap of faith and gone all anoxic.
Looking for £250 ish, collection only from GU17 and I'd prefer to get shot all in one go however, if you can collect then happy to negotiate now as long as people don't take the pish.

Please don't ask me to send it/package it up cause it's a right faff if it spills everywhere in transit. Currently in bin bags/rubble sacks and a carrier, taking up valuable room in my garage so I need to get shot.

Warning..300l is A LOT!!
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By Airlite Black Forest Gateau Black Forest Gateau Posts: 205 
bigcarpchaser wrote: I've taken a leap of faith and gone all anoxic!
Good for you mate. When you get time I'd love to know about your set-up, what made you decide and what you think of your results. I went half & half with my own meagre system - I already had a compact combi drum and wanted an anoxic system either to replace or at least augment the bio part. In the end I stuck with augmenting but only because I'm lazy or rather more honestly because I didn't have the bottle to commit all the way at that stage. However, if I had my time again I would definitely go the whole hog as I absolutely love the results of my 18 basket set-up (3x3x2).

I'm not sure if anyone else on the forum has gone all in with biocenosis baskets as their only method of bio filtration other than the country's leading expert on the subject, Manky Sanke of course but there's not much conversation on the subject which amazes me so that's why I'd like to hear about your experience as you go along.

Apologies for hijacking your advert - for anyone else reading this post, don't forget bigcarpchaser is selling a load of K1! And as Deano said, your advert is brilliant! Good luck mate, Regards M :grin: :handgestures-thumbupright:
By bigcarpchaser Sponge Cake Sponge Cake Posts: 12 
lol, thanks chaps, I aim to please :)

It'll probably best to start a new thread at some point but I'll try and briefly outline how and why etc.
I had (as most people do) gone through lots of different configurations of pond design and my first and favoured version was a "low energy" pond with sieves, airlifts and anoxic filtration. I'd arrived at this though lots of reading, especially Syd's website and Kevin Novaks book and although it's a bit controversial, I also couldn't and still can't find anything negative about the system. During this time, I really got interested in the different kind of filtration media available, particularly ceramics so started to research where/why/how much etc and to my (non) shock they're pretty much all derived from other industries, particularly the filtration of molten metals. So, time goes by and Mrs BCC is all of a sudden shocked and aghast at the space I wanted for the pond and puts her foot down, throws a sulk and we reach a compromise whereby I can still achieve my 4000 gallons but at the expense of the anoxic and airlift collector chambers. Bums.
Filters end up being more conventional with one of Deano's wonderful Synergy 35 drums to a moving bed and a small footprint shower with ceramic media I had made for me, more about that another time.
Now, pond get's built, falls apart, gets built again at vast expense. Filters are sited remotely in the garage and I'm thinking to myself, jeez, this is costing a fair few quid in electric let alone water changes and there's something nagging at me and yes, after some more reading I recall that water changes are required less frequently with anoxic than with a regular K1 gurgling away so I whipped it all out and got busy with the cat litter finally ending up with 24 baskets in my bio chamber.
I'd only had my fish in for a week and had to rush that as someone was getting shot of a few, I was actually crapping myself that I'd kill them all but actually, I had a very minor ammonia/nitrite spike which required a couple of 10% water changes and within about 2 weeks everything was fine, I was pretty astounded to be honest.
The system was running ok but by now we'd got into the colder months so I was cutting down on feed so realistically the filters weren't really doing a great deal but I wasn't quite confident enough to completely dispense with not changing any water at all so continued with a VERY small trickle in which I still do now. I'm not comfortable ethically with unduly stressing the fish out if there's no requirement to and a little bit of fresh water I'm happy with but it's nowhere near 10% a week, probably less than half that.
Righto..move onto earlier in the year and I've got all this sodding K1 sitting around and have the genius idea to make a bio chamber out of an IBC tank (I was bored) which although the Mrs wasn't too happy about it using up more space in the garage, she never sodding goes in there anyway so it's MY garage :) I knock up the chamber, lob it all all in low and behold, it gurgles like a goodun but another virtual chat with Syd and another member on EK it's deemed pointless having K1 basically working against the anoxic so after a couple of days, out it all comes again and I knock up another 16 baskets in about an hour using this Molar Clay I've found instead of the nasty cat litter. No waste, no dust, piece of pish. Bit of a conversion to the in/out of the chamber and away we go. 40 baskets in total which is supposedly far more than I'll every need as it's one basket per adult fish and I only have 11 lol.
My little shower is still running but that's now more of a trickle and I'll be removing that media bit by bit over a period of time whilst watching the levels.
Water tests with API show zero ammonia/nitrite but I do have nitrates of 40 despite anoxic supposedly being able to deal with these. This may be down to my trickle as that's kinda where they are out of the tap but I'd expect to see them at a much lower level considering the amount of baskets plus the shower so not really sure what's going on there however, I'm not going to make it my life's mission to get them any lower, the fish are fine. I did add a clarity CL10 as well (got is seriously cheap) because I had a fair bit of foam (DOC's) at one point and I have to say, it works a treat. No foam on pond to speak of but the thing sprouts a load every day which goes on an acer and that thing has shot up lol. The skimmer "recirculates" via an outlet on chamber 1 and returns back into the same chamber so there's no ugly great Darlek on the side of the pond.
(Quick thought...Anyone use a Seneye, if so, what's your ammonia reading? Mine hovers around 0.012 - 0.018ppm but has been as low as 0.001, just curious)
I recently treated for Trich and Flukes so was curious to see if the filters were knocked back after a PP and Lernex but nope, no change whatsover, all stable.
One thing I do suffer from though is a really high PH, it hovers around 8.4 but the water round here is super hard but this is something I do want to address.....if we don't move house shortly...I know, I know...but I can have a bigger pond :)
In summary then, does it work...well, yes. It certainly starts working faster than a conventional filter and that's borne out by others findings, does it work as a stand alone system? I can't honestly answer that right now. Does the chemical reaction take place or is the conversion of ammonia down to having lots of gravelly voids for the bacteria to live inside? hhmmm....posssibly. The baskets are dead easy to make, it's a pretty cheap system to install and run albeit the footprint could be large depending on how high you stack the baskets, personally, I wouldn't go more than 4 high as you risk breaking the ones at the bottom.
Would I recommend it to others? Hand on heart? Not until I've run it for another year with a few more fish and the removal of my shower, if it all worked OK after that then I'd take a view. I really think you have to decide whether or not to take the plunge or not, as with any filter, it's really down to personal choice, finances, space, fish numbers etc.
Would I use it on my next pond? Yes, 100%. I'd also be looking to go full circle and use airlifts as well as I've been experimenting with those and my Mk3 version is insanely good.
I'll chuck a youtube video up on here later

Need to do some work now lol
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By Airlite Black Forest Gateau Black Forest Gateau Posts: 205 
:laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: Fabulous reply! Many thanks for taking the time BCC. Great to have a fellow anoxic filtration advocate on the forum. :dance: :clap:

For Deano: Deano would you mind moving the relevent posts to a new thread so that bigcarpcatchers OP ref selling the k1 doesn't get lost in the noise. Many thanks to you both. Regards, M :obscene-drinkingcheers: :handgestures-thumbupright:
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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin Posts: 7676 

Could you elaborate please?? :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

Mike........... I will if I can figure out how to do it :lol: :lol:
By bigcarpchaser Sponge Cake Sponge Cake Posts: 12 
Well, bit of an update, ended up taking all my baskets out and reinstating my K1.
Had mega issues with flukes, lost a couple of fish and came close to knocking it on the head if I’m honest.
I concluded (rightly or wrongly) the treatments were just not getting where they should get.
Time will tell if I’ve made the right decision.
Have no complaints about the “filtration”, it worked fine to a point. Still had a big blanketweed problem and my nitrates were never below 40ppm. Fish were happy enough until the flukes came along, had Trich as well but that was surprisingly easy to shift to be fair.
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