Details for the 2019 PhotoShow

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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin
#66185 John. do you read anything?? :laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

It is down at the moment, I'll post when it is working, no rush.

Anyone who has a Paypal account can still pay , but make sure it is as guest/ friends etc, otherwise they take a cut. :handgestures-thumbup:
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By craig b Gateau Saint Honore Gateau Saint Honore
#66247 Just benched my mutts and same thing happened this year that I always seem to do lol. CHAOS! CHAOS!!! can you please look at my pics and sort accordingly because a few seem to be cropped again just like last year and the year before and you sorted them for me last few years :laughing-rolling: lol

Cheers buddy :bow-yellow:
By agw53 Black Forest Gateau Black Forest Gateau
#66334 Just spent the last hour taking the photos. Not necessarily the koi I wanted to enter ,but the only buggers I could net. :angry-banghead: :angry-banghead: :angry-banghead:
Now the fun of benching and trying to identify them


By agw53 Black Forest Gateau Black Forest Gateau
Sopersonic74 wrote:
agw53 wrote:have benched the koi ,but no photos have been saved


Not sure what to suggest, as I’ve just benched all mine and all photos saved perfectly fine :?:

Maybe the system knows that mine are not worth entering :confusion-shrug: :confusion-shrug: :confusion-shrug:
By agw53 Black Forest Gateau Black Forest Gateau
Dixiedean wrote:Hola peeps,

Back off me holibobs :grin:

You can pay direct on PayPal if you have an account with them.. payment to ( family and friends so the buggers don't take a cut!)

I don't think you want me to enter as my fish are crap
Still can't load photos and tried to pay direct it says I need to get permission to pay .even though I have a paypal account
I know Im an old bugger ,but it's doing my head in.
Hoped you enjoyed Crete

My choices for the grow and show will probably cock that up as well :angry-banghead: :angry-banghead: :angry-banghead: :confusion-scratchheadyellow: :confusion-scratchheadyellow:

By agw53 Black Forest Gateau Black Forest Gateau
Dixiedean wrote:Don't panic Alan, it will get sorted, plenty of time yet :handgestures-thumbup:

I've mailed you.

Deano ,thanks for the help via email, Resized the photos and now all loaded :obscene-drinkingcheers: :obscene-drinkingcheers: :happy-partydance: