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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin Posts: 7660 
Hi peeps,

Now then, a few naughty peeps have not been reading the main and subsequent posts :naughty: :hand: We want everyone to be a part of this and enjoy the experience, and not slap their koi in and disappear. Please check back on the forum for updates, we don't want you to miss out on extra awards etc.

Full details, which quite a few seem NOT to be reading :confusion-shrug: , can be found here viewforum.php?f=35

So, here are a few extra bits you may have missed

1. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED ON CHATTERKOI TO ENTER Any not registered will be disqualified. It isn't hard! :smile:


3. THERE IS A MEMBERS CHOICE AWARD - Please email me the one koi you wish to be considered, with the Koi ID number, ie 105, they will be posted on here and members will vote for their favourite.

4. SIMILAR AWARD FOR BEST MANCAVE - Again, email me pictures of your mancave, members will vote for that too.

5. DONT FORGET THE MINGER AWARD - Again, email me your pic, I will post them on the forum and members will vote.

6. YOU CANNOT ENTER A KOI THAT HAS PREVIOUSLY WON A MAJOR AWARD... unless it is now in a different size.

7. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, ON THIS THREAD, IF IT IS YOUR FIRST TIME SHOWING OF ANY KIND....... You will then be legible for the Best Novice Award. Some I already know, but quite a few I don't!!

Email address is

Good luck everyone!!
By Andrew jones Registered User Registered User Posts: 3 
This is my first time in showing any of my koi!
Iam looking forward to it, so Deno please be patient with me. Lol
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By Boyd10m Sponge Cake Sponge Cake Posts: 15 
Hi Dean i have now added 7 fish to the benching going to add 2 more tomorrow as you know i am a novice with the amount of questions i have been asking you
anyway my first show good luck everyone
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