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By MikeMack Registered User Registered User
#70358 Hello all, I've been registered for a few months now and (rather rudely) hadn't introduced myself :shock: whilst having the occasional nose around.

I'm from Birmingham but moved to Liverpool in 2015, I'm struggling to think of a worse combination than a brummie scouser lol

I started keeping koi in May 2018, the first pond was ok but quickly learnt a lot and then rebuilt the pond 11 months later, the current pond is 3700g filtered by a synergy 55, k1/k1 micro moving bed and a bakki shower - it's gone through a few "cosmetic" changes over the past few months and currently looks like this:


The shed which houses the drum and bio is being replaced next month as its a low height one currently, which will be a full height and then also house the bakki and return it below surface, which i'm hoping will help stop the chilling, reduce the noise and also improve the appearance :pray:
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By Dixiedean Site Admin Site Admin
#70360 Hi Mike,

Thanks for joining in, at last!

Glad to see you've settled everything down and are happy with the pond, it looks lush mate. And what could be better than a Synergy 55!! :clap:

You should post the video of the pond and filtration. :smile:
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By MikeMack Registered User Registered User
#70362 Thanks Dean, it's getting there. I think once the shower is in the shed i'll put a bit more effort into planting up behind it between the pond and the fence, need to lay off the cakes a bit though so I can keep actually fitting behind it :lol:

Ah yes the video with Clayton, I will do
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By Gedmac Croquembouche Croquembouche
#70370 Hi and welcome nice pond and garden
It's deano that needs to lay off the cakes more than anyone :smile:
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By johnb Croquembouche Croquembouche
#70371 Hiya welcome to the forum sure I've seen your pond on a YouTube video :confusion-shrug: might be wrong. :handgestures-thumbup:
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By MikeMack Registered User Registered User
#70374 I don’t know about that Ged, it’s becoming more of a squeeze each time I have to go behind the pond lol

John you probably have yes, it was on a pond visit video with Clayton when he was at springbank koi