Rare as hens teeth

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Rare as hens teeth

Postby Sanke Darren » Sat Aug 10, 2019 4:20 pm

Not quite hens teeth but these koi teeth were in the base of the temp pool in the garage when I drained the pool quite an array for them only being in there for 7 months
When I built it I thought it was a pond I now realise it's just a puddle but it's my puddle
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Sanke Darren
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Dobos Torte
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Re: Rare as hens teeth

Postby Freako » Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:49 am

Very strange.
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Black Forest Gateau
Black Forest Gateau
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Re: Rare as hens teeth

Postby ALKY » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:00 pm

No normal, they shed there death on a regular basis.
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Knickerbocker Glory
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